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Jefferson County Firemen's Association
September Meeting

September 25, 2001 Knox Twp.

Jefferson County Firemen's Association met on September 25, 2001 at the Knox Township Fire Department. The meeting was called to order by President Mike Porada with a moment of silence for the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack, followed by the flag salute. Roll call: there were 13 member companies present. The minutes were read and approved.
Fire School: Rich Fisher reported that a list of suggestions for classes for next year be turned in from the member companies and chiefs. He also asked if the Association was interested in having a fire school weekend next year. A count for the Vehicle Rescue class at Sykesville is needed by tonight. The Radiological Monitoring class was cancelled due to the curriculum currently being revised by PEMA. The class should be able to be rescheduled for October. Names are needed of those interested in taking First Responder class. The class should start at the end of October or the beginning of November. Give names to Rich Fisher. Anyone wishing to have a CPR class, see Val Zents. She has a new instructor wishing to set up classes
Haz-mat: Rich Fisher reported that the Haz-mat committee met last night, with approximately 12 members present. A proposal was made to send a letter to the County Commissioners reminding them of their financial commitment. Copy of letter was read. A general discussion was held about the Radiation Incident at the Brookville Truck Stop of America. A concern was expressed about members with haz-mat training freelancing at this point.
Treasurer's Report: Motion by Glatt to accept report, seconded by LaFord. Motion Carried
NEW BUSINESS/COMMUNICATIONS: A report from Val and Tracy Zents reporting on the recent Memorial Service was read. Rich Fisher stated that if anyone was interesting in adding to the fund, let Valerie know before Thursday. Manners made motion for the Association to contribute $200.00 to the fund. Seconded by Glatt. Motion Carried. Dennis Henry reported that Pine Creek hosted a light supper after the lunch and collected an additional $285.00. He stated that all items for the supper were donated from the Brookville area businesses. Mike Porada stated that the Punxy Fire Departments had a boot drive earlier in the week for disaster relief, and that they had averaged over $400.00 and hour in donations. Martin stated that Summerville would be collecting additional money this weekend at their bingo. Wray asked if any of the County Commissioners had attended the Memorial Service. Porada stated that Donna Huffman had, Dave Black was cooking for an event at the Fair Grounds, and hadn't realized that it was for both Saturday and Sunday. Ira Sunderland had an appointment in Pittsburgh and was unable to attend.
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Motion made by LaFord to Accept report, seconded by Mitchell. Motion Carried.
GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION: There are no tickets to sell for next month. Treasurer Kinol to get in contact with Secretary Zents for needed changes to tickets to meet small games of chance laws.
TICKET DRAWING: $25-Chuck LaFord-Punxy
$25-Larry Brady-Punxy
$25-Hub Sebring-Knoxdale
$50-Dennis Henry-Pinecreek
$75-Sam Baughman-Pinecreek
$100-Dianne Shaffer-Punxy
50/50: 3 $4.00 winners.
General discussion about attending a memorial service in New York City. Several departments are interested in attending. There is nothing officially being planned yet.
2002 dues will be accepted beginning next months meeting. The nominating committee will also be appointed.
Motion to thank Knox Township by Rich Fisher, seconded by Denny Henry. Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned.


Carl Martin
Acting Secretary

Minutes edited for publication