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Jefferson County Firemen's Association
June Meeting

June 26, 2001 J. E. Dubois #3

Jefferson County Firemen's Association met on June 26, 2001 at the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department 3rd Ward J.E. DuBois. The meeting was called to order by President Mike Porada with the flag salute. Roll call: there were 15 member companies present. The minutes were approved as read.
HazMat: Rich Fisher reported that the committee to look at the truck at Clearfield 911 building went on May 25. He posed the question to the Association to obtain the truck or not. Mike Porada said that since we did not have the money from the county yet and the housing issue is unsettled, the association should hold off. Porada suggested we get a trailer when we have the money from the commissioners. Fisher made motion to not obtain the truck at Clearfield. Chuck Laford seconded and the motion carried. The secretary is to advise Clearfield. Mike Porada has talked to an attorney who will assist with the paperwork for the team.
Fire School: Forestry PA-130 had 32 students, Pumps II had 15. Radiological monitor class will be held Sept. 22 at Corsica, this is a one day class. There will also be a Radiological Response Team class set up for October 20.
NEW BUSINESS/ COMMUNICATIONS: County Treasurers office sent renewal for Small Games of Chance license.
Sara Reeseman sent information on Kittaning Fire Company Celebration.
GOOD OF THE ASSOCIATION: J. Scolese has a meeting set up with Bob Beatty in reference of the Booster pump.
Porada reminded all that Punxsy was having their celebration this week.
Next months meeting will be at Elk Run Volunteer Fire Company - Punxsutawney on July 24.
D. Anthony made motion to thank DuBois Volunteer Fire Department, D. Kinol seconded and the motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Valerie C. Zents
Valerie C. Zents, Secretary

Minutes edited for publication